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 enemycolor qlive settings

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PostSubject: enemycolor qlive settings   Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:21 am

cg_enemyUpperColor "0x00FF00FF"
cg_enemyLowerColor "0x0000ffff"
cg_enemyHeadColor "0x00FF00FF"
cg_teamuppercolor "0xFF0400FF"
cg_teamlowercolor "0xFF0400FF"
cg_teamheadcolor "0xFF0400FF"

OxyyyyyyFF y= the code below

Green 1 57FF57
Green 2 00FF4C
Sky Blue 82FDFF
Hot Pink FF75FD
Neon Green B4FF52
Orange FCC200
Yellow F8FF78
Blue 3421FF
Red FF0D19
Cyan 00EEF2

source: http://www.colorpicker.com/

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enemycolor qlive settings
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